Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SIM Sala Bim - MilSim meets Network Emulation

We are currently developing our own network-simulation-emulation mix with complete flexible movement patterns for all nodes, qemu backends and various networks types. The whole system is called MiniWorld and has support for walking and visualizing everything on OSM maps. When talking about different scenarios and creating a scenario editor that got me thinking... A long time ago I used to play a military simulation game called Operation Flashpoint that came with a good scenario editor and good modding support. Just recently the successor, Armed Assault 3, got released for linux.. a perfect excuse to install the game on my workstation!

After fiddling around with it a bit I wrote a short script to periodically log all coordinates of "players". This script must be triggered automatically at the beginning of the mission to record all positions.

Settings for trigger

We then wrote a parser for the generated rpt file and fed these coordinates live into the MiniWorld backend, skipping our own movement code. Next step was to get a screenshot of the map, integrate it into Leaflet to visualize player movement outside of the game itself which was pretty straight forward except for some coordinate conversion problems :)

For demonstration purposes I used the MiniHattan map and created a short "emergency scenario". There are five different people involved, all having some device running an instance of serval. Each device has a fixed radius for wireless transfers, the question was is a drive-by enough time to transfer files? What size? Tests like these can easily be done here because AI, multiplayer, cars, drones and stuff like a physics engine are already built into the game, we could even have depleting batteries modelled in our backend and turn off some of the devices after some time.

Easy Scenario Editor

The whole system in action can be seen in the following video (no audio):

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